I most recently worked as the UX/UI Designer at an exciting mobility startup called VeoRide helping to revamp their mobile app and make the dockless micromobility experience more fun and beneficial for both riders and their communities. While the details of this work are protected by an NDA, I am happy to share broadly about what I worked on at VeoRide. These are the key things I learned from my time there (more detailed account of projects further down):

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I produced all screen samples in Sketch. VeoRide's graphic designer produced all icons and illustrations. The third screen features a screenshot from an instructional animation made by a freelancer.

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Mobile App Redesign (released 1/2019) and Ongoing Improvement
Fleet Technicians’ App Creation (Feb-Jun 2019)
Help & Info and Report Issue App Section Overhaul (Apr-May 2019)
Improved User Education During Trip Experience (Mar-Jul 2019)
Ongoing User Research

While I've enjoyed the experience and learned so much working at this vibrant, early-stage startup, I'm currently looking forward to a new opportunity for growth at a more established organization. I look forward to joining a full-scale product or UX team and collaborating with other designers. If you'd like to work together or simply have a conversation, please feel free to get in touch!

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