Daiyuzenji Promotional Materials

I train regularly at a Zen temple in Chicago called Daiyuzenji, and our board recently asked me to produce some simple printed materials, business cards and a tri-fold brochure, to help better spread awareness about the dojo and make it more accessible and inviting. While the business cards are relatively straightforward, featuring our contact information and weekly schedule, the brochure aims to include this as well as a written introduction to Zen training that welcomes anyone interested to visit and/or get in touch. Daiyuzenji's abbot wrote the copy itself.

I carefully chose photographs one of our members had taken to highlight the warm, communal nature of our training activities and the diversity of our community.

I chose the EB Garamond font given its elegance and origins dating back to the fifteenth century. While the Rinzai school of Japanese Zen Buddhism dates back a few centuries earlier, Buddhism originated well before the common era. Well-sized and -spaced Garamond will have to suffice for a cleanly legible yet historic font for English text about Buddhism. And to give a clear, crisp contrast to emphasize our weekly schedule, I used Futura. The geometric abstraction of this font also speaks to the formality of the Japanese Zen tradition.

Color-wise, I chose a dark brown (#43322A) that suggests the wooden interior of the dojo and particularly the fabric covers on our meditaion cushions. A dark navy blue (#010036) offers contrast where helpful and matches traditional Japanese training clothing. I took the small logo on the front brochure panel, based on traditional Japanese imagery, from our website.

Above are the materials in their final form, out on display for passersby to take. For more information about Daiyuzenji, visit www.daiyuzenji.org. We also post regular updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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